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The Calendar

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02I03 — famicase
My Famicase Exhibition 2021
02E10 — sf shingo
Began the project
02E08 — sf vga
Began the project
02D00 — chitatap
Server is live
02B10 — ukeseme
ukese.me is live
02B03 — koikoi
Ported to gemini

01Y13 — miminaga
The machine died
01Y04 — miminaga
Haiku and 9front install
01X02 — intrfc
Creating a git instance
01X01 — intrfc
Killing the Forum
01U07 — communities
FIFIB 2020
01U04 — sf guro
First log
01U03 — miminaga
New Qt home
01U00 — practice
Completed the latin alphabet draft
01T08 — practice
First glyphs
01T01 — practice
First log
01T00 — cooking tools
Hario V60
01R12 — keyboards
01O11 — 9front
Switching to 9front
01O06 — openbsd
Installed OpenBSD on Thinkpad
01O00 — openbsd
Dualboot OpenBSD on MacBook
01N13 — computers
Migrated to OpenBSD
01N03 — illustration
Zinefest 2020
01L11 — computers
Migrated Bedrock to CRUX
01L03 — computers
Migrated Elementary to Bedrock
01K01 — computers
Migrated Arch to Elementary
01J09 — koikoi
Forking Oscean
01J07 — intrfc
INTRFC.com is live
01J05 — diary
End of the lockdown
01I12 — illustration
HyperCard portrait
01E10 — keyboards
Building Pebbles
01C02 — communities
FIBD 2020

00T02 — communities
Joined Merveilles


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