Leica M5 picture
01F01 — Leica M5

Photographic gear


I only shoot film. Kodak’s TRI-X 400 is my favorite black and white film, I know how it behaves perfectly. If I have to shoot colors, Kodak’s Portra 800 is my favorite film.

My main camera is a Leica M5, two lugs. I don’t put use the internal light meter. A 28 mm ƒ/2.8 Minolta M-Rokkor, a lens designed by Leica and manufactured by Minolta in Japan, is mounted in my camera most of the time.

My secondary camera is a Voigtländer Bessa-R, a Leica Thread Mount camera. I mostly use the Voigtländer Color-Skopar MC 35 mm ƒ/2.5 with it.

I don’t use many accessories but I always bring a light meter and a flash with me. When I pack my bag, I also carry at least two extra rolls of film, just in case.

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