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The machines that assist me

Computer Workstations

Nejishiki is my visual work machine. Most of the time, it is running OpenBSD, but I switch to MacOS for some proprietary software. The best feature of this computer is its HiDPI screen. It is essential when I work on photography or type design, and macOS provides the best tools for such tasks.

For more technical work, I switch to Miminaga. This machine is dedicated to programming and non-graphical tasks where distraction is not desirable. Miminaga runs 9front most of the time. For more casual tasks like emails, I switch to Haiku.

My mechanical keyboard and my wireless ThinkPad mouse are plugged to a USB dock that I plug to the computer I currently use. If I have some design work, I also use an old WACOM Tablet.

I rent some remote servers for fun. The most useful of them is Chitatap, running 9front, but I also use Oyabun if needed. When I don’t use any of these machines, my Plan 9 network, rixe gets some love.

My configuration files are available here.

environement software

unix beautification

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xok9 — A computing phantom
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miminaga — The text station

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