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After a month starting to study type design, I feel a bit more confident with the process. I started to work on six fonts. This is silly, but I quite like it! November should be in continuation of October. I didn’t stop Inktober, it was just that there was less visual outputs to show once the alphabet was complete.

I was distracted by my dayjob and didn’t dive enough in Plan 9. Time to jump back on 9gridchan!


We are back into lockdown. I don’t work five days a week anymore so I have plenty of time. Unlike the first lockdown, I don’t have a gaming console around this time, but a lot of books. I already read a lot of comics so I’ll try to diversify a bit and read a novel or some theatre. Why not some some Jean Racine to get started?

Beside readings, I have some cookings recipe that I would like to try.

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This data shows the distribution of 209 hours over 17 projects, recorded during the last 56 days, for an average of 3.7 work hours per day and 12.3 work hours per project.

programming 6.70%
9front 25.84%
design 6.70%
type design 16.27%
xok9 6.22%
chitatap 1.91%
koikoi 5.74%
haiku os 0.48%
miminaga 4.31%
kiroku 1.91%
illustration 1.91%
computers 11.00%
intrfc 1.44%
version control 1.91%
print design 4.31%
patience 1.91%
software 1.44%

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