Random day-to-day logs


This page compiles shortened logs of my private journal made with Rogu which is very verbose or straight up private. Expect random rants and whatnot.


I went to a barbecue, which felt great socially and in the belly. The rest of the day is almost the same as the previous one.

I rewrote Rogu in Pascal. It creates a temporary file and open it with a defined editor. Thanks to .desktop files and GVim, I don’t even have to touch a terminal. This is a superior behavior over jrnl.sh in my book.


Okay, I liked what I tried with Pascal, so I’m going to restart Patience utils in Pascal. But I also could spend half of my free time playing Skyrim haha!


Today’s assignment was supposed to be hard, but I was done under an hour. The bootcamp is boring so far, I want to learn the webshit things to discover something new that I may hate, but feed me some food.

I finally read some more about Pascal. It looks like a C made by someone human. I really like it!


Reading comics like there’s no tomorrow.


I had some programming assignments from my bootcamp. It was mostly fun.


The Haskell tooling is pretty confusing. Should I install ghc and cabal-install in a standalone fashion, use stack, or even nix? I don’t like that kind of useless complexity. So I just decided to write some simple programs for now.

I eventually took a break in the afternoon and went for a bicycle ride in town.


Began to work on things late today because I had a brunch and stayed at a friend’s place until five in the afternoon.

After some fun with Elixir lately, I wanted to continue my exploration with either OCaml or Haskell. I decided to try the latter first. I read the first few chapters of Learn You a Haskell by Miran Lipovača, lovely stuff.


I decided to turn the /now page into a real logging space. Handwritten and all. My computed recent activities are now in the tracker page.

I spent my afternoon tinkering with new tools, Rogu and Rodo. The first one is a journaling system, while the second will either be a task management tool or a todo thing. Both of them will be replacements to existing tools in Patience. I also read some resources about Elixir, which is pretty fun so far.

Nothing new otherwise. This week-end will be a quiet one, bought some beers and a bunch of halloumi.
I’m going to read some bande-dessinées or manga, to finish my day!

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