koikoi is a collection of notes I made around my craft and researches

About this Wiki

I am the main user of this wiki. The goal is to document and share about what I made and what I’m learning in koikoi.

This wiki, koikoi, was born from Patience, a database system where I fill my notes and log my activities. Notes are ephemeral, I tried various systems before going lighter with the content I wanted to keep. Years later, this system evolved and was divided between content I wish to keep private, and this wiki.

This website runs with a fork of Devine Lu Linvega’s engine, Oscean.

I also tried to implement some indieweb core features. You should be able to send webmentions to my logs.


The original platform code by Devine Lu Linvega is under the MIT License, modification added by roy niang are also under the MIT License.

Unless credited to someone else, assets, text content and artworks are under the BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.

font used

MD System by Mass-Driver
Body and display face.
MD IO by Mass-Driver
Preformated blocks of code and occasional inline code.
Input Mono by David Jonathan Ross
Fallback to MD IO.

According to some of their EULA (End User License Agreement), fonts are not freely distributed or tracked in a publicly available git repository.