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Coffee Brewing

Coffee is a beverage made of coffee beans. Thanks to its popularity, there is a lot of different ways to extract coffee: dripper, espresso, moka pot, french press, etc.

Hario v60

Hario v60 pot.
fig. Hario v60 pot.

The Hario v60 is a dripper pot. The brewing technique used with the v60 is called pour over.


  • Coffee: 25g, medium grind
  • Water: 375g, slightly boiling


  • Hario v60
  • Paper filter
  • Mill coffee grinder
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Kitchen scale


  • Heat your water until it’s slightly boiling.
  • Place the filter on the dripper. Pour some hot water to heat everything and wet the filter if it is made of paper. Empty the pot.
  • Add the ground coffee on the filter. Submerge it with hot water for 30 seconds to let it bloom.
  • Make circular motions with the gooseneck kettle to gradually pour the remaining water. Don’t be too fast.
  • Remove the dripper and pour the coffee in cups. Don’t forget to clean your dishes.

coffee vocabulary

Dissolving coffee solubles into water. Just like tea infusion.
Once beans are roasted, CO2 forms inside beans and begin to leave them. A few days of degassing is necessary before grinding coffee beans.
Solubles degradation by oxygen. Oxydation gives coffee a stale taste because soluble compounds of interest are degraded. Beans should be sealed as soon as possible.

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