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01V07 — Testing microblogging with gemini

A modern hypertext protocol


Gemini is a new internet protocol focused on serving lightweight hypertext documents, allowing easy linking between files. The specification allows serving other kind of files like sound or images.

The markup is really simple to use.

# This is a h1

## This is a lower header

### This is the lowest header possible

A simple paragraph. You don’t have to hard wrap at 80 characters. It is the client’s duty.

> Blank lines are instances of text lines and have no special meaning. They should be rendered individually as vertical blank space each time they occur. In this way they are analogous to <br/> tags in HTML. Consecutive blank lines should NOT be collapsed into a fewer blank lines. Note also that consecutive non-blank text lines do not form any kind of coherent unit or block such as a "paragraph": all text lines are independent entities.

The previous “paragraph” was a quote.

Links are little arrow followed by the destination, followed by a tab and a description.

=> gemini://royniang.com	A link to a gemini space
=> https://royniang.com	A link to an HTTP website
=> index.gmi	A link to a local gemini document
=> 1.jpg	A link to a local image

This is a preformated
code block. pretty meta
don’t you think?

* There are also lists
* But they are not nested
Source; gem_markup.gmi.txt (27 lines)

You have to use a dedicated client to browse a gemini site.

gemini browsers

gemini servers

You can start to discover new places from the following links.


Questions or corrections: roy@royniang.com.


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