Minous, stretching picture
00C04 — Minous, stretching

Choices that forged a visual identity


The Mask

The mask is a vector logo that I traced on Affinity Designer. I use it as an icon on most social medias like Mastodon or Twitter.

The Doll

The doll
fig. The doll

The doll is a picture that I took at a friend’s place. Since then, I used it on some forums.

The Gate

The Gate logo was originally
made with Dotgrid.
m 7.601,67.5
v 0
l 180,-60
v 210 210
l -45,15 -45,15 -45,15 -45,15
v -420
m 0,210
v 0
l 45,-15 45,-15 45,-15 45,-15
m -135,45
v 210
m 45,-225
v 210
m 45,-225
v 210
m -90,-345
v 0 120
l 90,-30
v -120
l -90,30
Source; gate.txt (20 lines)


The visual identity of koikoi is influenced by the original identity of Oscean, and the International Typographic Style.

Minous, the stray cat picture
00C03 — Minous, the stray cat


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