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01W05 — Patience (Daniel Clowes, 2016)

A plain text playground for data gardening

Patience Databases

Patience is a database system that tends digital gardens in a human-readable plain text format. This digital ecosystem manages my to-dos, short notes, ideas, email drafts, toots… everything should go there before serving its purpose.

This system was born after the friction caused by my incompatibility with faux commonplace workflows such as zettelkasten. What I eventually learned, is that avoiding friction is useless if you are not reviewing. Gemini is the most practical solution that I found to manage my content, be it before being put on koikoi, or staying in a private directory.

Patience tools are written in ANSI C and can be compiled on Plan 9.

Credit: Pavina, 2020. Original design by Renée French
fig. Credit: Pavina, 2020. Original design by Renée French

Thanks to Pavina for her take on Glenda.

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