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roy niang is a multidisciplinary artist

About the Author

roy niang is a Eurasian artist, photographer and designer born in 1994.

He is a 2017 graduate of Université de Bordeaux with a Licence in Psychology, and a 2019 graduate of Université Bordeaux-Montaigne with a Licence in Bookselling — Fine art and comics.

He shoots by instinct every moment that catches his attention: textures, odd or funny moments. roy niang documents a fictional life in his autobiographical photography. His practice of photography is an exploration of his mind and place in this world to produce a photographic alter ego. roy niang’s work is strongly tied to the craft of analog photography and the narrative of the confessional literature.

You can learn more about his interests by reading his research notes or his feeds.

You can reach him via email at roy@royniang.com. He is also on the fediverse on the Merveilles instance and on Instagram.

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